• About us

    The Rembrandt Group is an interdisciplinary student-run investment fund. It is open to academic students from all disciplines who display excellence in their respective fields and a strong willingness to learn more about the financial markets.



Constant analysis of the financial markets using a sound combination of fundamental and technical analysis.

Due Diligence

Proper due diligence performed by teams of analysts consisting of students from a diverse range of study disciplines.


Board meetings, presentations to board members and collective votes regarding investment decisions.


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  • Purpose

    The purpose of the fund is to create unique and experiential learning opportunities for students with respect to investment. The fund will provide a unique educational experience for students through hands-on due diligence, interaction with peers, presentations to advisory board members, direct participation in investment decisions, and ongoing monitoring and analysis of investments.

Current Board

  • Objective

    Our objective is to make sound investment decisions based on comprehensive due diligence and investment analysis with the intent to perpetuate the life of the fund.

Trades in 2015
Trades since fund launch